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Or better the World at war…

We are living during a very difficult period of our lives that we are safe to say that we are at war. When an unknown virus is spreading worldwide like a hurricane sweeping from one country to another killing numerous people and infecting thousands of others.

First of all, what do we know about the coronavirus or better COVID-19?

This war (virus), which is still unidentified the exact origin, attacks the humans’ respiratory system. In many cases, where it attacks mildly the patient experiences cough, headaches, temperature, sneezing and few other symptoms.

In acute cases it affects lack of breathing, pneumonia and can lead to deaths. Certainly it cannot be classified as a normal flu. In order to combat the spreading of the virus we must contain it as much as possible by following certain vital steps. It is of utmost importance to take extra care of ourselves and those around us.

Help, protect, embrace and support each other also by being compassionate and sensitive towards each other. It is imperative to stay positive, be optimistic and try our very best to relief from stress. Two effective ways are having a good daily sleep and exercise.

Usa War Covid 19 - CoronaVirus
America, must accept your worries

Having an emotional reaction, anxiety, fear of contagion, anger or frustration are normal and are all signs that our body’s natural protective mechanisms have been triggered. It is important to keep social distance.

Be it at workplace, unless one can work remotely from home, at shops and even at home. For sure the virus can be spread through droplets, thus avoiding close contact with people is crucial. Some people say 1 meter is probably enough but perhaps a bit more would be safer.

We also know that the virus stays alive on surfaces for a number of hours and sometimes even days so again washing hands, and not touching your face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth are extremely important. Since the virus can stay alive on clothes, again it is important to take clothes for washing immediately upon entering home, before self-washing.

Self Isolation CoronaVirus America
Self Isolation

Self-isolation is imperative on patients who contracted the virus mildly can be hard in America, unless admitted to hospital, where medical assistance is carried out. Our body is a ‘machine’ on its own.

Our immune system fights the viruses so it is important that we stay healthy as much as possible.

We need to take care of our nutrition and also maybe add some daily supplements if required to keep our immune system and anti bodies as high as possible but of course within the limitation as to avoid adverse effect.

We all worry and get upset from time to time and this situation can trigger anxiety. It is a very normal part of life, but what’s important is to always have the strength to believe in yourself and practice some strategies which will help your body, mind and soul to calm down.

Practice Meditation

Practice breathing while meditation, practicing yoga, listening to music, watching television/movies, playing a musical instrument, cooking or crafts are all beneficial especially if staying indoors for a number of days.

Try to consider the impact that the Coronavirus is having on others all over the world, and how your actions can keep both you and others safe and well.

We all know that studies for a vaccine are on their way but until actual production of the anti -viral vaccine to be available it will take months. In such case it is important that everyone tries his/her very best to keep the curve of the positive cases as low as possible over a stretched period of time, rather than a ‘tsunami’ of cases over a shorter period where our medical health centers and hospital staff won’t cope with assisting patients.


The above will affect numerous people in America but at the same time will help patients become more immune to the virus and by summer, when hot weather also can kill virus we will see a decline in cases and hopefully we will see the end of this horrendous time.

During these times of epidemic, we all need to come together as an informed and equipped international community to ensure that the whole world is protected. Together we have an opportunity to make a difference. The world at the moment is at a standstill. Businesses such as airlines, tourism, hotels and many more are at stake.

The repercussions are high but it is up to us to combat this deadly virus. We must be positive and persuasive that sooner or later we see the end to this. For sure when all this is over, we hope the world goes back to normality just how things were before it started.

Maybe the then normal will be different, maybe it will take several months to recuperate but surely the people from different aspects of life, different religions and different cultures will come closer together, appreciate life, each other and the world surrounding us even more. Who knows maybe this will bring peace to the world.

The war in america is real, till then, wash your hands and stay safe.


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